Definition: The phenomenon of increased amplitude (i.e. improved business performance) when the frequency of a periodically applied force is applied (i.e. alignment of people & processes with company North Star).

Durable Business Performance Improvement

via Alignment  Alignment  Alignment  to Your Business' "North Star"

How We Help

We identify and enable durable transformative business performance improvements via a tailored approach to solving your unique issues & challenges. We catalyze these improvements by aligning people & teams around vision, practice & purpose.

The Evolution

To Achieving Business Alignment


The “Before”

Significant business performance issue, challenge or disruption is now demanding urgency and requiring timely actions that command focus of key talents & resources. Evoking feelings of overwhelmed, under pressure and reduced engagement – where & how to start?


The “Journey”

Identify the critical drivers to address issue, disruption & challenges; align organization around the ‘what’ and ‘why’, lead the ‘how’


The “After”

Short-term: relief that specific issue & challenges have been met

Long-term: confidence & elation that the skills, behaviors & mindset to tackle the next business issues/challenges are now embedded within their own organization

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