Durable Business Performance Improvement

via Alignment  Alignment  Alignment to Your Business' Vision, Practices, and Purpose

Alignment to Your

Business' North Star

We identify and enable durable transformative business performance improvements via a tailored approach to solving your unique issues & challenges. We catalyze these improvements by aligning people and teams around vision, practice & purpose (i.e. your business’ North Star).

How We Help

The most common impediment to realizing an organization’s goals is the misalignment of people and teams around Vision, Practice, and Purpose.

Say It

Connect to Your Purpose:

Align to a driving vision, create clear strategy, outline business objectives and top line goals.

See It

Simplify for Execution:

Metrics, Processes, Systems, Tactics, Prioritized Actions, and Organizational Culture needed.

Sell It

Rally to Action:

Communicate urgency, create buy-in, and performance manage to ensure it happens and sticks.

We utilize a tailored approach to solving your business challenges

What We Do

Our High-Level Business Improvement Areas of Focus:

  • Profitability
  • Revenue Growth
  • Customer Experience
  • Due Diligence
  • Merger & Acquisition Integration

Our solutions are delivered by tested, accomplished business leaders who …

  • Have operated at C-level to individual contributor (and everywhere in between)
  • Understand what good looks like and push/pull on people & metrics
  • Know how to operate in the gray
  • Recognize the whole of an enterprise strategy while understanding the nuances & interrelationships between functions

Client Feedback

With Resonance Consulting Partners, it was and felt like a true partnership as we all were winning together.  The ultimate moment is when you have contact with people in the field and the customers tell you how much better the product and their experience was!  Together, we were able to take pride in that result for our patients, customers, and both of our businesses which is what really matters.

Trent Birkholz
Managing Partner

Trent Birkholz

Dave Liebl
Managing Partner

Dave Liebl

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